Nature, Nurture, & Neter

I associate Africans living in the diaspora with living with a certain level of amnesia. Because we don’t fully know our traditions but we unconsciously do things that our ancestors would have done. When we do these things we often say things like how did i know that, I’ve done this before, or I remember doing this? It happens a lot more than we realize but once you begin to pay close attention you see the similarities over and over.

Ital food must be prepared by one with clean hands. This is the first rule of true Ital Livity. In this circumstance we are not merely speaking on bacteria free or recently washed physically. But the individual must posses hands that are of love, good intentions, & following a true order of balance. Ital food is not cooked with salt or any processed foods or seasonings. All flavor must be plant-based and derived by the chef. The process can last for hours as each ingredient is carefully picked and processed then added to the Yabba Pot at the correct time.

Please enjoy the images, I enjoyed the food and you can too. Email me for classes, questions, and rates for info on how I can share this experience with you and your family. Or share a few pointers on how you can create something similar for your family and friends.



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