Hello, I’m Drigo

“Plant Based Therapy”

-Rodrigo Richardson

I grew up around griots who told stories with their food.  From a family of restaurateurs, cooks, dubbers, bubblahs, and rubbas. Generations of history from several Caribbean islands are encoded in my DNA so the saga of heritage speaks through my food.  My present culinary  journey, in true Sankofa form, is in homage to them. In reverence and in celebration I re-create plant-based and healthy interpretations–carving a new path and making new stories for those to come.

I am motivated and inspired by both the outstanding people I have worked with during my career, and a lifelong love of all things culinary. I am a highly skilled and disciplined cook. My creative process and passion for great food and customer appreciation is the main ingredient in my principles of cooking. My cooking carries a diversity of flavors due to my years of travel as an apprentice. I am fortunate to have been privy to learn from chefs mastering in Caribbean, Latin, Indian, African, and Thailand cuisines and skills. Being taught to prepare and thus create magic using the freshest, local, sustainable produce into amazing dishes. I am known to prepare diverse traditional dishes into healthy vegan options for those with dietary constraints that miss that good home cooking. I am knowledgeable of most dietary requirements including but not limited to: Vegan, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Diabetic, and Gluten free.


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