Banana Flower another Tropical Superfood.

The banana flower is purplish-red in color and cone shaped. It is located at the end of a banana bunch firm and solid.

During my culinary journey I have become familiar with some of the usage in Asian and Indian cultures. Although I still have much more to learn about the flower below I have outlined some of the things I use it for and have researched about the often discarded plant. Although we in the caribbean pride ourselves in finding uses for plants our more recent carnivore behavior has allowed many recipes to die out. Some of the work I am currently engaged in is reviving some recipes and updating others with a complete plantable vision for sustainability.

Diabetes is growing at an epidemic rate in the United States – Caribbean and although I have a high respect for technology and science, modern medicines have not proven to reduce the exponential growing rate of people that are being diagnosed with diabetes. According to the US CDC by 2050 1-3 American adults will have diabetes and more than half the population of kids will become pre diabetic. With stats like these I would suggest to find more natural ways of combating this epidemic and reversing the symptoms by focusing on what we put into our bodies. One of the many uses of the Banana flower is a reduction of glucose levels “gl” for Diabetics. I usually suggest diabetics to consume raw or semi raw as a regular part of your lifestyle and eating the flower in a salad is a delicious way to add this to your lifestyle.

Reduction in pains associated with menstrual cramping and constipation while pregnant are some more things the flower is used for. It is also used for curing infections in wounds and the extract is known for treating malaria and parasites. Being high in iron and fiber this tropical superfoods can increase hemoglobin by increasing your red blood cells production. This will increase the oxygen carried to your cells.

The banana flowers possess the Vitamin C, A, E, fiber and potassium. With a high source of antioxidants the banana flower also contains flavanoids, tannins and amino acids. Loaded with magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, protein, and copper this is one of those superfoods that is easily accessible to tropical regions. Yeah Miami!!!!

Feeling a little down of having high levels of anxiety? This super food can also improve your moods and reduce levels of anxiety. Acting as an anti-depressant the high levels of magnesium comes with no side effects.

Lastly and most importantly to me this superfood promotes gut health and regulates digestion. I say most importantly because I believe many diseases begin in your digestion. Because banana flower contains soluble and insoluble fiber. Your large intestines will love you for eating this flower.

They are many other uses for the flower and my hope is that you will continue the journey of research educating yourself to more diverse and well balanced lifestyle.

Culinary Alchemist tip

* Juicing the flower has shown to have positive results for leaky gut.
* Boiling the flower in water has also been known to stop excessive bleeding from menstruation.


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