Finding Neem

How easy it is to forget how important bitters is for optimal health. Just being vegan isn’t good enough you have to implement proper routine and variation of herbs to maximize your health.

Neem is grown in tropical climates which makes it perfect for MIami. I picked up some fresh neem from our local farmer Clive owner of Nature Boyz.  Neem leaf can be used for leprosy, eye disorders, parasites, bloody nose, intestinal worms, upset stomach,  loss of appetite, skin ulcers, diseases of the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease), fever, diabetes, gum disease (gingivitis), liver problems, and lastly birth control.

The bark is used as a tooth brush, and to combat many different diseases such as  malaria, stomach and intestinal ulcers, skin diseases, pain, and fever.

The twigs are used for cough, asthma, hemorrhoids, intestinal worms, low sperm levels, urinary disorders, and diabetes. In the caribbean indigenous people sometimes chew neem twigs instead of using  toothbrushes but this can cause illness; neem twigs are often contaminated with fungi within 2 weeks of harvest and should be avoided.

Neem fruit can be used to treat hemorrhoids, intestinal worms, urinary tract disorders, bloody nose, phlegm, eye disorders, diabetes, wounds, and leprosy.

The list goes on as the leaves are also used in a variety of Asian, Caribbean and African dishes. The taste is bitter so it is not popular but because its known to promote health it is eaten. One of my favorite ways to to cook it is with raw Tamarind and also in a Virgin Island callaloo. If this was informational for you please go ahead and share this link. If you would like to try any of the dishes ask me above or email me about classes.. Thanks for viewing.

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