Fighting Effects of Fukushima

I saw this image today and thought I share with you practical holistic solutions that could be implemented. Below you will read about superfoods that contain  nutrients that aide in naturally eliminating isotopes and free radicals from the body,
High amounts of #seaweed and sea moss aides the liver and body in fighting thyroid cancer
#Spirulina is a #superfood that boost immune system, among other things it also can be used as anti radiation therapy or medication for radiation poisoning
#Chorella is a blue green algae that contains the highest level of #chlorophyll in any plant and is also known to assist in removing radiation from the body and othe metals high in toxins.
#Shilijit Powder main ingredient is fulvic acid.  This acid is essential in neutralizing radioactive matter in the body, breaking it down and removing it.
Fruit #Pectin (organic)  contain chelating agents that naturally bind to other compounds. The pectin acts as a bouncer at a night club removing the radicals out of tissues and blood stream.
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